Thursday, January 11, 2007



hallo!! how have you been??
we started a new year.
but i'm a student of university, so i have to study to prepare for exam.
i'm not a good student, i must copy my friends' notes...
i have many good friends, so i will manage my tests.
i should say "THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!" to my nice friends.
this blog is last of 2nd grade class.
i enjoyed writing this blog in english.
i love english, and i wanna study english more!!


☆A coming-of-age ceremony☆

We held a coming-of-age ceremony on January 7.
My city had it on the day before of Coming-of-Age Day.
As for the day, I was very cold.
I went from an early morning to a beauty parlor.
Then I soaked a long-sleeved kimono and prepared hair.

When I wore a kimono, I became an adult at a stretch.
Many friends came to a meeting place, and it seemed to be a class reunion.
The girl came in a long-sleeved kimono of a very bright color (for example, red and blue, green).
There were many boys who wore hakama.
The meeting place was very active.

I thank all people who brought me up.
I want to become wonderful adult who does not forget a feeling of gratitude in future.

Thursday, December 14, 2006



Recentry we often talk about X'mas.
For example, "What will you give your boyfriend?"
"Where will you go to on Christmas?"
and"Who is the person that you spend on X'mas together?".
So I think about Christmas everyday.
But I don't have enough money,I must work next month...
In December,we have many things we have to do.
And I can't work as same as usual.
Though we spend much money, we are going to have a nice time!!
Merry Christmas!!!!!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006



It is very cold recently.
And at last I bought a kotatsu.
I sleep with a kotatsu instead of a bed.(ノ Д `;)
It is cause of catching cold.I must be careful.
Talking of a kotatsu , I love a kimchi pan.
I did a kimchi pan with this kotatsu for the first time last time.
It was very delicious.
I did rice porridge after a pan.
This is the best pleasure.
I look forward to eating a pan next time

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Kyoto walk

I went to Kyoto with five friends yesterday to watch the first colored leaves this year.
Through Yasaka-jinja Shrine, I took a walk through Maruyama-koen Park.
And I went to watch night colored leaves of Kodai-ji Temple.
There were a lot of tourists in Kodai-ji Temple.
We lined up and bought a ticket and advanced among crowds.
The garden of Kodai-ji Temple was beautiful all.
In a garden with a pond in particular, colored leaves were projected on the surface of the water and were very beautiful.
A forest of bamboo was very fantastic.

The supper went to a bar such as a haunted house of "The lock up".
My friend subscribed for a private room.
When we finished to eat a dish, a salesclerk of a ghost entered.
My friends prepared a celebration of a birthday for me and my another friend that a friend were born in November .
I was very sapulise!!!!!and very glad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had the best friends ,my 20 years old birthday was the best celebration for me☆☆


Festival plaza!!

There was an event in Kansai University today.
It is called a festival plaza.
It is held every year, and it has a lot of participants.
It has been managed by the people of the Osaka recreation society and student who is finishing class of recreation in Kansai University.
Various people participate from the kindergartner to the elderly person.
People experience sports that are called new sports.
New sports include "Indiaca" and "Unicurl", etc.
The participant seemed to be very happy.
We also spent happy together time through New sports.
I wanted to participate next year.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Kyusyu trip

I went to Kyushu for a trip all over the consecutive holidays of a school festival.
I departed by a ferry at the night of 8th and returned to Osaka by air at the night of 11th.
We saw the sights of Beppu, Aso, Kumamoto.
Because Kyushu was near to Korea, I saw a Korean tourist in various places.
There were a lot of signboards written as Japanese only by Korean.
I seemed to have totally come to Korea.
Mt. Aso is famous by a world's best big caldera.
Therefore people of various countries visited sightseeing in Mt. Aso.
I entered a hot spring in Beppu and could watch magnificent Mt. Aso and could eat delicious food a lot, and it was a trip good at all.


☆In autumn☆

It became cold recently.

The decoration of Christmas begins in each place.

A feeling is completely winter.

However, there is a wonderful season in autumn in Japan.

I can watch very beautiful colored leaves at Kyoto or a sightseeing spot.

There are a lot of couples coming for a date to watch beautiful colored leaves.

There is it more than one month until Christmas.

I get tired when too long until Christmas

Therefore Christmas is a pleasure, but thinks that I should enjoy autumn more.

Thursday, November 02, 2006


Happy Day!!!!!!

Because it left a station, we went by car of ahiru.
Store's interior was very stylish, and it was an atmosphere settled down.
We ordered a lady's course and chicken lunch course.
Horsd'oeuvres,soup,gratin,main dish,dessert and drink came out in turn.
All was very delicious!!!!!
We chose bread when we chose rice or bread, because we were able to eat bread hot from the oven.
There were many kinds of bread, and all was very delicious!!!!!!!
By a delicious meal and pleasant conversation, we were able to spend wonderful time.

Monday, October 23, 2006


October 20 homework

I am interested in astronomy.
Because I want to go Mars.
I believe that Mars has some living thing.


School festival of Kansai university is held on November 9 to 12.
The event is of great significance of our School life.
Because the memories remain our mind as happy campus life.


We are affected by many people in Kansai university.
For example, one of our friend was speaking in dialect.
But now she speaks kansai dialect.


We thinkl that all faucet of Kansai university must be automatic.
And it prevent from leaving atop running.

Turn down

When we take a train we speak loud voice.
So we must turn down our voice.


Our mother nag us to help her job.
So we think that we help our mother sometimes.
We must appreciate for our mother very much.

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